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Sensors & Components

GPS Receiver
Remote Bugs Panel

Cobham manufactures, sells, and supports a wide range of avionics components, including:


● GPS-WAAS Receiver: Computes the Position, Velocity of an aircraft and the Precise Time (PVT).  TSO-C145b BETA 3; less than 1 lb. weight; 1.4” x 2.6” x 4.0” size; installs stand-alone or integrated with an IDU-450 or IDU-680.

● ADAHRS (Air Data and Attitude/Heading Reference System): Provides precise digital output and referencing of aircraft position rate, vector, and acceleration data; DO-178B/Level A software; three-component suite weighs less than 3 lbs.; meets RTCA/DO-160E environmental standards; 2” x 2.5” x 3.9” size.


● Remote Bugs Panel: Puts control of EFIS functions within easy reach.  Required for EFIS installations in Part-25 airplanes and IFR helicopters.  Features dedicated controls for frequently-used functions, including autopilot; controls for selecting/setting display parameters; high-speed serial communication; NVG Mode option.


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